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The future digital intelligence of your business is in your hands, says Dr. Heiner Lang, Senior Vice President at Bosch Rexroth AG.

The digital transformation of your manufacturing operation is not so much about centrality of knowledge and control, but how smart technology can be distributed. Your aim should be to create a collective consciousness across your process that delivers new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Planning a collective future

Imagine a motor in one machine driving an axis movement that can talk to and interact with other components in the same machine, and with other equipment in the process such as a transport controller. All elements are working together as a single organism – offering you unparalleled levels of insight and control. Whatever the demands of your manufacturing process our edge technology can make distribution intelligence work across your business.

Complex solutions, simplified

The first step to realising your business’s potential could be the starter kits we’re discussing at the Hannover Messe. This edge technology, including buses and power PC units, is based on real-world assumptions and can be retrofitted to existing production equipment. For you, this represents a practical application of new technology - enabling once isolated machines to be interrogated, monitored and to collaborate with the equipment around them.

Your approach to edge technology may be streamlined further still with our IoT Gateway. Working with OPC UA (the open industry 4.0 standard), it sits between sensors, process controllers and processing applications – enabling machine builders to add knowledge and connect equipment that can be sold to manufacturing customers.

Make a future proof decision

These are just the first few steps in the development of distributed intelligence. Shortly, we’ll be releasing details of autonomous robots to make deliveries on the factory floor - that will eventually handle and sorting parts, tighten, weld and perform visual inspections. We aim to provide you with connectivity across all the machines – with worldwide support and expertise to make IoT enabling a reality.

As manufacturers ourselves, we are testament to the success of this approach and we’re well placed to give machine builders powerful, productive and smart solutions to offer your customers. All of these will ultimately be 5G-enabled too – making them wireless, smart and future-proof.

Author: Dr. Heiner Lang
Biography: became the CEO of the Business Unit “Automation and Electrification Solutions”. This Business Unit offers a broad range of drive and control technologies for Factory Automation and delivers Industry 4.0 solutions along the factory of the future. Dr. Lang joined Bosch Rexroth AG in January 2017 responsible for the technological leadership of the Business Unit “Industrial Applications”. He had previously served as President of MAG IAS GmbH (Europe & Asia). Dr. Heiner Lang studied mechanical engineering. He launched his professional career at Karl Klink GmbH, where he became Head of Research and Development for broaching technology. In 2009, he joined MAG Europe GmbH, a major supplier for metal cutting machines to the automotive industry as Chief Technical Officer. With the foundation of the MAG IAS Group, Dr. Lang became Managing Director (COO) of the MAG IAS GmbH.


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