Smart measuring enables preventive cylinder maintenance and minimizes downtime


With CIMSmart, like with previous CIMS versions, it’s possible to measure and monitor piston position and temperature with no contact between sensor and cylinder rod, and no-wear parts. The CIMS has been operating in thousands of hydraulic cylinders across the globe for over 20 years, but the introduction of CIMSmart really marks the next generation.

Cylinder Integrated Measuring System: CIMSmart measuring system works with ultraprecision even in the harshest conditions, such as dredging vessels, offshore platforms, ship loading and unloading systems, tunnelling machines and bridges. Automatic compensation for the elements and external factors means that position and temperature can be monitored at all times, thus allowing for preventive maintenance and therefore less downtime.

Intelligent capabilities

Rexroth’s CIMSmart technology has been designed for durable measurement under rugged operating conditions, as well as precise and dependable measurement results: advanced algorithms are employed by the microcontroller to allow for local variations in air gap, temperature and magnetic resonance that otherwise may have an impact on the accuracy of sensor signals.

In response to the growing need for increased range and also volume of measurement data, CIMSmart has broken new ground by leveraging the inherent capabilities of the CIMS technology to provide data on operating temperatures, stroke distribution and total travelled distance, combined with multiple types of historic data about the usage of the large hydraulic cylinder.

Increased control through smart monitoring

Measurement of varying stroke-length intervals can be acquired and incorporated into other analyses. Data can be collected that provides information about the seal system’s life and condition, by measuring distance travelled at both high and low speeds, since the wear rate is higher at lower velocities. We can build a comprehensive picture of peak motion rates by collecting data on maximum acceleration and deceleration, associated motion direction LHC temperature and time stamp. This can aid in troubleshooting and failure analysis.

Monitoring operating temperatures of the cylinder can show operators a correlation between their cylinders’ performance and environmental condition, and by capturing a range of operating temperatures can help to estimate seal wear. Failure analysis is simplified, thanks to retrievable diagnostic output for sensor status, error codes and sensor identification through a PC or PLC.

Easy to install, easy to analyze and backward compatible

No manual calibration is necessary for the commissioning/installation of the CIMSmart sensors, just plug & run. Newly produced cylinders can be equipped with the smart sensor before delivery, and if you have cylinders in the field equipped with CIMS, previous sensor types MkI and MkII can be replaced on location through our service department. Rexroth personnel can upgrade the firmware of the type MkIV on location to extend its functionalities.

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