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When you’re talking about optimal resource usage on the scale of the Da Teng Xia civil engineering project in China, you’re talking about flood control storage for 1.5 billion cubic meters of water, a guaranteed safe water supply for 15 million people,  generation of 6.055 billion kWh of clean energy per annum, irrigation for almost 200.000 acres of arable land and domestic water for 79 million rural residents, not to mention meeting the ecological standards required for rare breeds of migratory fish. For this gigantic project we’ve delivered the world’s largest radial gate hydraulic hoist, a project worth in excess of 40 million yuan.













The radial gate enables a full force up to 2×6300 kN, a new global record. The previous record of 2x5000 kN was provided by Bosch Rexroth as well.

Located at the exit of the Datengxia Gorge at the main stream of the Qianjiang River the civil engineering project utilizes an arc-shaped gate due to the labor-saving opening and closing, reliable operation, thin sluice pier and favorable discharge conditions. River gates regulate the upstream and downstream water level and flow my opening or closing the orifices, the main dam of the Da Teng Xia project consists of two layers of radial gates, including 2 high holes, 24 low holes, and radial gates used at both the upper and lower rows.

Rexroth’s extensive experience, advanced design schemes and innovative piston rod ceramic coating processes has helped the team overcome many of the challenges and technical difficulties facing the Da Teng Xia civil engineering project. As the key component of the hydraulic hoist, a special ceramic coating meets the anti-corrosion requirements of the piston rod for this project.














Using the unique DBR calculation tool, Rexroth engineers are able to accurately calculate the cylinder stress across all working conditions. They provided support for the selected engineering parameters and the simulation of actual working conditions. The specially designed sensor for ceramic piston rods, CIMSmart, combined with the 2FRE electro-hydraulic proportional speed control valve, allows precise control over the stroke of the cylinders on both sides.

For many years, Bosch Rexroth's hydraulic hoist has been highly acclaimed by users for its safety, reliability, advanced technology, convenient operation and high cost effectiveness. Prior to this project, the 2×5000 kN family was the largest hydraulic hoist in China. Bosch Rexroth has supplied hydraulic hoists to a number of important projects, including Chongqing Caojie Navigation and Hydropower Project, Sichuan Zhentouba First-class Hydropower Station and Guizhou Shatuo Hydropower Station.


Author: Wei Zhang

Job title: Project Manager


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