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High-quality engineering helps to provide high-quality entertainment aboard the AIDAnova.

Picture the scene. You’re on board the AIDAnova, a stunning new cruise ship operated by AIDA Cruises, and you’re spending the evening in the Theatrium, one of the vessel’s entertainment venues.

Fog shrouds the stage. Vivid lighting effects and lively beats fill the room. Then, from the ceiling, a huge cylinder covered with LED panels glides down. The cylinder, which has a diameter of nearly four meters and is installed two decks above the stage, telescopes through the ceiling. Its exterior is completely wrapped in LED panels.

Exclusive new effects

Together with engineers, we developed the LED tunnel exclusively for AIDAnova. It’s something that can produce completely new dramatic effects for the ship’s variety-filled show and entertainment program.

The stage technology used on AIDAnova sets new standards for cruise ship entertainment. The upper stage machinery, which we designed, planned and built together with AIDA Cruises, includes additional point and lighting hoists, as well as a circular curtain hoist. The lowerable, 360-degree stage is surrounded by three two-part ringed stage sections that can also be lowered. During the shows, a stage technician operates the upper stage and lower stage machinery with a joint Rexroth stage control.

Precision control

With more than 20 safety functions, the stage control meets all safety regulations. The shows are centrally planned and prepared in the Entertainment House in Hamburg. This is where the directors have the corresponding motion sequences and scene changes programmed. The sequences and scene changes are then copied onto the control system aboard the ship and run in coordination with the lighting, which is triggered via time code.


Bringing the technology on board

We integrated the stage technology into AIDAnova at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg. Cruise ships are assembled from sections, which are joined together to create blocks that are 30m in length by 30m in width. The sections start the building process upside down: The floor is on top and the ceiling on the bottom. The sections aren’t turned over until they’re joined to a block.

In addition to the Theatrium, we also took responsibility for the stage technology of Studio X – a completely equipped TV studio on board the AIDAnova – and the Time Machine Restaurant, which promises exciting dinner entertainment for the entire family.

Over the next few years, we’ll be equipping other AIDA cruise ships with stage technology made in Lohr, then wishing them ‘bon voyage’ as they begin their journey around the world.

Photo: AIDA Cruises


Author: Volker Kirsch
Job title: Head of Sales, Stage Technology

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