Improving OEE as Pay-per-use? Yes!


Osterwalders post on “how to connect a machine in just 4 hours” is an impressive report on pace in Industry 4.0 projects. The use case he shared with us is on Filter Monitoring. The implementation site of the project is at Bosch Rexroth plant in Homburg. About 25 percent of failure costs for long-term Bosch Rexroth plant shutdowns were caused by hydraulic oil contamination. Therefore, there was urgent need for action – and the foundation for monitoring of the oil filters was built.

Next level of IoT

Some of our IoT Exploration Team have been involved in several phases of this project. So it´s just evident that it´s us currently working on getting this implementation to the next level of IoT. In the course of closely working with numerous customers we learned that, especially for SMEs it´s no option having to do large up-front investment in exploring use cases like the filter monitoring one for hydraulic systems. They need services to pay-per-use, without any obstacle to start using and testing them. That also means that a plug-and-play approach is as important as pay-per-use; not having to start an IT project first thing.

A plug-and-play service that the maintenance specialist can subscribe to and test – sounds too good to be true? We´ll prove you different and invite you to see it at Hanover Fair 2018.
Get a first glimpse in this video:

The product has been piloted with its core elements at BCX Manufacturing Hack Challenge 2018 and several hackers have contributed by using it in their set-ups.

OEE Improve IoT Services

Currently, we work on a portfolio extension of our OEE Improve! IoT Services:

  • OEE Improve! Insights
    Do you want to get more data out of your machine and unlock optimization potentials? This one is your choice then. From us, you get the full technology stack ready to use, from sensor node to cloud. You only pay for your benefit. Find out more
  • OEE Improve! Filter Monitoring
    Are you in charge to maximize the availability of your hydraulic system? Then this plug-and-play condition monitoring service is for you. Learn more. Find out more
  • OEE Improve! Production Performance Starter Kit
    This starter kit has jointly been developed with Bosch Software Innovations to facilitate the start of improving your production processes. Find out more
  • OEE Improve! Packaging Process Advice
    This condition monitoring service has jointly been developed with Bosch Packaging for machine operators to smartly eliminate performance degradation. Find out more

Exploring new IoT services

Developing this OEE Improve! IoT Services is done by our IoT Exploration Team. We are dedicated to do exactly that: Explore new services based on existing assets, hardware, software, by using the partner ecosystems and organizational structures that Bosch offers. The fundamental idea is inspired by the lean start-up approach. We closely work with customers to pilot a new service and with potential users to understand their needs, quickly iterate, directly integrate new findings in the ongoing activities, and test them in sprints. We are set to develop a prototype towards a minimal viable product (MVP) – and possibly a solution – much faster as before. To deliver customer benefit from the very beginning.


Bosch IoT Exploration Team, from left to right: Stefan Rauch, Steve Puder, Janette Kothe, Tammo Schwindt, Volker Jesberger

It has been our passion for several years at Bosch Rexroth to explore new IoT solutions with our customers. IoT solutions with a high degree of innovation from a requirement as well as technology perspective. We are a team of IoT solution architects, technology scouts, and industrial and information technology experts.

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