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Hydraulics and IO-Link - How does it work?


In almost all industries, machine users require increased flexibility for production means for small batches and continuous diagnostics of all actuators and sensors to increase availability. In addition to this, there is quickly increasing horizontal and vertical connection of machinery and systems for Industry 4.0 applications. The open standard IEC 61131-9, IO-Link, fulfills these requirements at low connection costs and energy consumption. Flexibility of hydraulics is increased by transmission of parameter changes in running operation. Provision of diagnostics information offers numerous opportunities to extend the concepts of predictive maintenance for hydraulics to increase availability of systems and machinery. The manufacturer-independent interface can be integrated easily and quickly in any industrial automation application.

What is IO-Link?

(Source: iolinkdotcom)

Hydraulics with IO-Link - Easy integration – continous communication and ready for Industry 4.0

Thanks to that interface, machine manufacturer and system integrators are enabled to integrate for example proportional hydraulic series valves and sensors into digital communication structures with very little engineering effort. The standardized M12 connection technology enables simple and cost-efficient connection of hydraulic valves in the field. This way, previously „deaf-mute“ components with analog control are transformed into communicating and flexible actuators and sensors.

Hydraulics with IO-Link Hydraulics with IO-Link


The open IO-Link standard establishes continuous communication with sensors and actuators irrespective of the used field bus. This simplifies commissioning in hardware and software and enables flexible adjustment of hydraulic valves for varying production processes. Increased requirements for flexible machinery and systems are now complied with.

IO-Link Website

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