Harvesting future innovation


These days, not only do farmers need to be in touch with the earth, but also the latest technology to help them maximize their farming efforts. The great leap forward in agricultural innovation is never more evident than when you climb up into the cab of multifunctional self-propelled vehicles such as the latest harvesters and sprayers.

An up close and personal experience

The CAB Concept Cluster clearly demonstrates what it’s possible to achieve, as visitors to the Agritechnica in Hanover found out last year. Farmers were invited to jump aboard the vehicle on display to find out how they can upload their own setting to match the terrain and environmental conditions of their farms. This in-cab innovation, together with various accessories has been specially developed in order to increase productivity and reduce error sources. Combined with a smart operating system, the results allow the operator to handle all farming conditions with ease, maximum safety and enhanced user comfort.

“The cluster partners want to present innovations that meet future demands and expectations of the market and generate high levels of customer benefit with elements precisely suited to their needs,” says Mathias Berger, Sales Director Agriculture of Robert Bosch GmbH.


Whether it be in communication between driver and machine, machine and cloud or among other components – the Smart CAB operates using an extremely high-performance structure. As an open system, it knows no boundaries in terms of connectivity, making it flexible and easily adapted to future requirements.

Driving efficiency through partnership

Perhaps the most critical element of our cab project was the multi-team partnership approach that enabled us to minimize the time and expenditure required for project development. The CAB Concept Cluster was founded during 2014 and consists of a group of experienced OEM suppliers, the Technical University of Dresden as well as various associations and partners.

The focus of the cluster is on manufacturers of construction, agricultural and industrial trucks, and its aim is to concentrate innovative solutions into joint projects and demonstrate the potential of client system integration. In order to achieve this, Smart CAB was designed as a highly innovative modular system offering complete flexibility regarding the combination of individual modules. As well as realizing all new functions in a tightly spaced environment, the Smart CAB achieves a high level of system integration delivered with maximum reliability.

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