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Even before the VDI/VDE guideline 2862 was established, tightening specialists in the field of industrial production have been in high demand. In many companies, detailed knowledge about complications arising in safety-critical connections and their solution is a rare commodity. Here condition monitoring and real-time analysis solutions can significantly expand the technical know-how and provide early notifications from deviations in the process. Tailor-made starter kits help you get started.


Modern automotive factories often exceed 250 million tightening operations in a year. Other industrial segments also need to adhere to tightened regulations in order to avoid liability risks. The only way to ensure that the quality and productivity targets are definitely achieved is by detecting deviations from the process early, to respond to these deviations in real time and to notify the operators right away. The foundation for this is a complete process transparency. It ultimately allows the tightening specialists to act preventively and to continuously improve the production process.


From Reaction to Preventive Action

The connected industry allows for a more effective use of technical expertise and makes this expertise available to many production sites without applying much additional effort. To use these new tools it is not necessary to become acquainted with technical details for each case. But with the Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit the experts from Bosch Rexroth make their know-how available to the users of their tightening products. Without much upfront cost it is possible to achieve concrete benefits.


Monitoring Process Data in Next to Real Time using the Production Performance Manager

As part of the Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit, Rexroth experts combine existing tightening systems at customers site with the Production Performance Manager, a data acquisition and analysis platform from Bosch Software Innovations. Using the associated Process Quality Module, even complex and safety-critical tightening process data can be monitored and compared in almost real time over multiple production locations. Because the data is continuously provided and automatically evaluated, the quality of the tightening processes can be ensured at all times, thereby ultimately improving the profitability of the production process as a whole. A data cockpit visualizes the various measurement parameters and their tolerance windows across all devices so that problems, systematic errors, and trends that occur can be identified more quickly and their causes narrowed down to be able to remedy them. Patented analysis functions such as graphic overlaying also provide help. Here is an example with several process curves:


Screenshot from the Process Data Cockpit: The visualization of selected processes with up to 5,000 overlaid process curves reveals deviations requiring action.
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Creating efficiency with the Process Quality Module

Using the Process Quality Module allows experts to identify deviations right away and to start analyzing the root cause. The software collects the necessary data and communicates the findings, effectively reducing the reaction time of this process. Identification and reaction of a deviation go hand in hand. The ultimate effect is an improved increase of productivity, cost savings by eliminating rework, and in many cases a faster commissioning of the production.


The Process Quality Module reduces time and resources by up to 50 percent.
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Combining the system with the tightening system

The Starter Kit contains a demonstration licence for the Production Performance Manager including the Process Quality Module for a period of three months. This includes connecting the tightening system to the Production Performance Manager and its configuration for the data transfer. In the case that the tightening system is not in the same network as the Production Performance Manager, a mGuard Router can be supplied. After the connection the data transferred by the Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP) can then be analyzed in the Process Quality Module of the Production Performance Manager. All that is needed is to make a data server available for the archiving of the quality data. The Starter Kit allows for the integration of up to ten tools from the Bosch Rexroth tightening system.


Supplying the Production Performance Manager

The Production Performance Manager is available as a cloud based or as an on premises option within the Starter Kit. The cloud based version could utilize a Bosch supplied solution or an external third party cloud (such as Azure). For the on premises option, the customer must ensure that the target hardware meets the system requirements of the Production Performance Manager software and set up a secure remote access for installation by Bosch Software Innovations.


Remote Support and User Training

The Starter Kit includes four days of remote support within the three month period to help answer any questions one may have regarding the use of controlled tightening technology or the Production Performance Manager. A one-hour online training session covers both the Production Performance Manager as well as the Process Quality Module. Further help is offered by how-to videos which explain the most important functions. Here is an overview of everything that the Starter Kit offers:


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Continuous Improvement via Connected Industry

The resources of tightening experts are too valuable to waste them for menial tasks. Using the Process Quality Manager from Bosch Software Innovations in connection with the Bosch Rexroth Tightening System one can enter into the world of process improvements by the digital world and one can enhance the work efficiency of the tightening experts.

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