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5 ways to give your business added traction

Occasional Contributor

e-Load-Sensing (e-LS) aims to tackle issues such as deficiencies in working performance, speed and energy efficiency.

If you’re involved in the operation of mobile machinery you’ll know it often requires compromise. Hydraulic elements in particular are generally on fixed settings, and can’t be managed and regulated in the field.

Tractors are a case in point. They have to accommodate a wide range of implements and attachments, and their hydraulic systems are often set to levels that represent the best compromise for most circumstances. As a result, when tractors are carrying out certain intensive tasks, there may be deficiencies in working performance, speed and energy efficiency.

e-Load-Sensing introduces not only flexibility but the possibility of on-board intelligence to tractor hydraulics.

The system we’ve created brings together discretely designed SBx4 valves, PR4-SENT pressure sensors, an electronic RC control unit and an electrically controlled, bespoke variable pump. Together they provide electronic closed loop load sensing control, within which tractor manufacturers can define system parameters for individual attachments and work tasks.

5 key benefits of e-Load-Sensing

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • High levels of flexibility
  • Saves time and money
  • Ease of use

A tractor fitted with e-Load-Sensing was highlighted at trade events last year including Mobile 2017 and Agritechnica 2017, and received very positive feedback. What’s more, several customer projects have now begun. Our systems, like the vehicles to which they are fitted, are truly offering businesses the traction they need to move ahead.

Author: Uwe Maier
Job Title: Sales and Industry Sector Management, Tractors

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